Medium format film | Ondu pinhole camera

With sunshine and grace
you present your joyful face
to brighten this place

Nourished by autumn
the seeds wait in secret hope
for the coming spring

In storm the showers
of restorative powers:
the earth re-flowers

And bees run the race
a buzz of furious pace
through the garden space

So much more than commonplace
far too wild to be encased
in a vase
Leave them for the wind to chase
til time gathers all
in its sweet embrace

This poem is in response to a prompt from RDW World , who for a year now has had a 365 prompt project going that he then publishes into books. Personally I think what he has been doing is terrific, not only for the community he’s built but also for the opportunity he gives writers to be published in an anthology that you can hold in your hand!

I put the first haiku stanza on my Instagram, and am sharing the entire piece here. Thank you for reading!

Hi, Hello, and How are You?

Photo by Katie Mollon

Hi there! I’m Amy. Some of you reading this probably (hopefully) know me, maybe even in real life! I wear a lot of different hats on a daily basis: I’m a mother, which takes top priority, I’m a photographer, I run a couple of Instagram accounts for groups that I’m passionate about (Film Shooters Collective and World Cyanotype Day), I play the piano, I run, I read, and I write.

For a number of reasons, I decided to start this website for sharing my poetry. I already have a website for photography, and I’ve been blogging there with varying degrees of regularity for a few years. I used to take part in 52 rolls here on WordPress, and recall with fondness how much easier it was to connect with people on that blog because of the platform itself. I’m not satisfied with only sharing my words on Instagram, which is limited, or on Medium, which has lately become plagued by the drive to earn in a way that has – as least temporarily – made me feel hemmed in and put off. What matters to me is putting my work out there, and having the nerve to do it, rather than getting paid for it. This ain’t my first creative rodeo.

So, here I am. I’m planning – loosely – to share a poem a day. I can’t make that a pinky promise, however. I’m also planning – again, loosely – to share inspiration with y’all from wherever I find it, with the hope of passing on the spark. More than likely I’ll share stuff and things about my writing journey, which I laid down for a quite a few years and only picked up again in 2020. I’m wide open, and would love your comments and suggestions.

Here’s to the road ahead, here’s to the adventure, here’s to hope and growth and love.