Holga and kodak film | multiple exposure photo by author and daughter assistant

Breath – indicator
“Breath our own personal tie with all the rhythms of the natural world”

The wind that blows in through open windows
I pull in through my own musical pipe
aeolian tunnel, the long gateway
to the myriad of tributaries
that swell and feed my body through the river
of lifeblood that meanders through its parts
east to west, and north to south, pole to pole,
tip to tip, in and in forevermore
becoming a part of my living self,
this body that cages my spirit
while I stand looking out of the casement
through my own personal, screenless windows.

This wind enters my house and enters me
and for a time I hold onto it
until my metronomic brain exhales
and pushes the wind forth again, upward
animating the music of my voice
so it becomes part of the push and pull
and whispers its way back up to the clouds.

The wind will shift from south to north again
as the earth tilts her way along the year
and my breath will enter the tapestry
as I weave my own way along, in time.

I wrote the above blank verse poem in response to the idea and quote at the top, which I noted come from page 3 although I’m not sure if that was from Mary Oliver’s Poetry Handbook or from her Rules from the Dance. It’s one or the other! Thank you for reading!

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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