“Torito Veloz” by Manuel Miranda, 2019 | hipstamatic iphone photo by author at Papi’s Pies, Round Rock

“torito veloz”

wild toro on the wall
bullish scimitar horns
a stab of the tail
charging colorful ground
fullish circular forms

“torito feliz”

little happy bull
hears the call of toro
sees the active cape
with wild and smiling eyes
fears no fall of morrow

torito, hooves will clip
the pointed horns will snip
blossoms in the ring
hot fired rush of breath
anointed, borne, they slip
estoque’s pointed grip

These poems represent the pleasant afternoon where I played around with the poetic form of Flamenca (read about it here). I was at one of my favorite places – Papi’s Pies – eating chocolate cream pie and drinking coffee, and as fate would have it, the walls were covered in the absolute perfect artwork for this form, so I made the instant jump to ekphrastic writing. The photo you see at the top is of a painting by Manuel Miranda. Take a look at his website and instagram. Thank you for reading!

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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