At the Cafe

Medium format film image by author

Sidewalk scenes

a good dog
patiently doing
tricks for treats

a small boy
asks for the hot tub
after dinner

an old man
long beard bristling
goes inside

music drifts
outside from inside,
old show tunes

a couple
together but not
holding hands

window seat
a woman reading
now vacant

a young girl
talking on the phone
while she walks

flannel shirt
tied around the waist
makes a skirt

in a mask
a man with a hat
hurries by

the good dog
gets lots of notice
from women

Inside scenes

two people
sit talking loudly
one dances

on a date
or maybe just friends
at present

rule the table tops,
free wifi

writing and dreaming
of freedom

machine makes noises
and coffee

one man sits
by the door alone
and busy

a woman
alone with her phone
and coffee

laughing guys
playing a dice game
fill the room

girls whisper
at the big table

a mother
trying her best
to relax

rolling dice
clatter and echo
the guys sing

when he left
he looked back at her
with a smile

window seat
no longer vacant
filled by me,
poetic spy

My daughter loves to go for “writing dates” with me at coffee shops. This tradition has evolved from us sitting together to her wanting to be left alone and me going stir crazy because she always wants to stay much longer than I do. Recently we went for one of these rendezvous in the late afternoon, and halfway through my cold brew I realized there was no way I could sit still for more than about 30 seconds at a time (anybody else struggle with caffeine late in the day???). To calm my over-hyped nerves, I started focusing on my surroundings, and lo – this poem appeared.

Thank you for reading!

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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