The Language of Flowers

Cyanotype print by author

speak to me in the waft of
petal stamen language

pollinate my thoughts with
a breath as sweet as the first
warm wind of spring

teach me beauty and brevity
and the easy joy of the moment
the wisdom of leaving a simple
life attached to its roots
I know the ruin of clippers and spades
I know the trauma of transplantation

show me how nature feeds
and restores from season to season
show me lessons planted by the Divine mind
with hope to take seed
and flourish within mine

send me flowers in photographs
rather than vases
leave them be
let them live while their time
is ripe, and then again,
bright ghosts, gracing
my dreams with color
and quietly whispered words

A new series for the month of May! Last year, I set myself a challenge of writing flower-related poems every day during May, and I just realized I never shared any of them here. So, lucky y’all (haha) the time has come to change that! I considered making all new photographs and / or cyanotypes to accompany them, but there just isn’t time, so I’ll share other random flower photos and prints with them instead.

Incidentally, the cyanotype at the top of this post is the cover image for my book The Body Botanic, which you can snag a copy of from Blurb! Botanical poems, botanical cyanotypes, plus the whole collection of body sonnets I’ve written so far.

Thank you, readers, for your time!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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