The Seven Word Stretch

Rolled up and served upwell seasoned, handed overthere’s a sense of fulfillmentin a duty well done The burning takes placein an open field, after the rain comessmoke sends signals to the sensesinner life, come to life Whatever gets hung from these branchesthe birds will peck at, in timenight rodents will investigateit will keep the insectsContinue reading “The Seven Word Stretch”

Prompt | Prompted to promptly respond to a prompt (sometimes)

Poked by a promptthe shrill of an alarma slight jab at the sleepermaybe it will prompt meto poke otherswho were waiting to awakenwhether they knew it or nottoo much hibernation should bepromptly remediedgenerate a little buzztoss it out there and watchthe ripples ruffling featherstruncating forty winksnudge, nudgenap time is over Oh how I do loveContinue reading “Prompt | Prompted to promptly respond to a prompt (sometimes)”

Between the Golden Bars

From a bird in a gilded cage Pecking at the walls of invested desireFeed the well a doubloonIt spits back an ingotVaults of piggies full to the brimGenerations of interest ensuredBut coins in the mattressPoke holes in retirementGreen paper wallsTear and burnBetween the golden barsGleams a life with all the trappingsLuminous bowls in the lapContinue reading “Between the Golden Bars”