Laminaria digitata – Oarweed

Cyanotype by Anna Atkins (image public domain)

Great hand, whose fingers
raked through the sea
no longer holding fast
but now your ghost displayed
as it reached for the sun
a dream of the meadows
where your brothers and sisters
swayed with applause
delight of urchins,
a tidal clap
breaking free to rush alongside
swarthy boats,
palm to palm with the oars

I’m not sure how much of a deal I’ve made about it here on my poetry blog, but I am a major cyanotype enthusiast, and have a tendency to make a lot of them. You can see some of them on my website. Two years ago, I saw a post on Hundred Heroines’ instagram – a call for poetry ekphrastic style in response to Anna Atkin’s cyanotypes. HERE you can learn about Anna Atkins, if she’s a new name for you. THIS was the instagram post.

Of course I was interested, and had a wonderful time picking out some pieces of hers to write for! I’m not sure what happened to the project; I know I sent off the email but this was a couple of years ago and it’s all water under the bridge. So I’m sharing them with you now – the result of my enthusiasm for an art form and a bunch of research I did on the types of “algaes” she used for her work. Thank you for reading – stay tuned for a few more of these!

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