Rejection Letters

iPhone hipstamatic photo by author

always there is the question
and how you will answer

will it be a yes
to the trying, the idea of it
the theory of possible success
shining like a diamond
in that dim uncertain future
you attempt to not consider

but like that last piece of
chocolate cake in the kitchen
even at midnight you know
the diamond is there
and someone will reach for it
if you don’t

will it be a yes, still
when someone else receives the prize
and all that’s left on the plate
is a pile of crumbs
spelling out, in so many words,

will you answer yes
to trying again
and again
in spite of all the unfortunatelys
we regret to inform you buts
there were so many entries
and difficult decisions
that judge and jury had to make

will you keep going downstairs
midnight after midnight
in search of the diamond slice
that keeps reappearing
with a cloying sweetness
asking you always and again
the same question

I feel like I could write a dissertation on receiving rejection letters, for any and every kind of creative thing I attempt. Ultimately I reckon there’s 1 yes for every 100 nos. In the end, that’s better than 0 yesses. I’m grateful for those little glimmers of affirmation! Anybody else find it challenging to keep sticking your neck out again and again?

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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