Nip | Nostalgia Nibbles Most in Autumn

Georgetown, TX | Large format film photograph (photo by author)

That nip in the air is
the little ping of nostalgia is
a tickle in your nose is
the tantalizing aroma of earth is
mingled with wood smoke is
ozoney comfort of rain coming is
a good excuse for baking is
coziness and hominess all rolled into one is
a blanket and slipper socks is
snug as the cat by the fire is
remembering where I left my tea is
the pleasure of a new notebook is
the satisfaction of a well-sharpened pencil is
reason enough to look forward to long drawn out evenings is
the simple pleasure of a few minutes is
a breath of fresh air is
the nip of nostalgia is
a tickle in your heart

Thank you for reading! Who else waits for autumn all year and finds it just as wonderful every time?
This is from my Medium archive, and it’s not necessarily the right time of year for me to be sharing it but I’m going in order, so there ya go. . . . . autumn vibes in late spring!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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