Ch-ch-ch-changes. . . .

Self portrait | Ondu pinhole and Kodak TriX | photo by author

Welp, it’s been a challenging year for me so far, and the way I’ve responded to it is to push all creative endeavors to the background (except piano, that one is my outlet). I’m not writing much, and I’m not photographing much. By not much I mean barely at all. For a while, I’ve felt like I was spread too thin; I’ve been well aware of how unsustainable it is to have two websites (one for writing, and one for photography) plus a presence on Medium. When I polled the hive mind on Facebook about which platform to make the one-stop-shop, the results were split right down the middle between WordPress and Squarespace. Thus mentally waffling and unprepared to make a decision, I decided to keep them both. For now.

That non-decision was still a decision, of course, and still leaves me spread too thin. Yesterday, in a moment of clarity possibly boosted by endorphins — I was running at the time — I made a further decision to quit writing on Medium altogether BUT before my membership expires to start sharing the poems I have published there so far right here with y’all. Copy, paste, repeat sounds manageable. . . . hopefully! It’s been months since I really put back into the community on Medium, and I don’t feel right about that, so this seems like the best move all around.

Here ends my update, and I hope y’all will stick around to read what I’m going to share over the next while because I am proud of the pieces, and they all brought me a little burst of joy when I made them. May your own joy find you, and quickly, wherever you are today. ✌

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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