First Black-Out Poetry Poem

The physical copy

the room, well-dressed with
tall, thin, angular
eyes like a thunderbird seated

oil and emery prepare
a seal, drilling that it
might be smoothed

The golden glance,
dusty, held high
to visit the design suspect
engagingly far (away)

Low the days for Babylon,
strange as an envoy
of peace seemed

Low, the days

Our local library prepared a number of black-out poetry kits for locals to take and try, in honor of National Poetry Month. I had been meaning to play with this technique for a long time, but it took my daughter noticing the free kits for it to finally happen. I’ve doctored the words a little to help it make sense. . . . I’m still not sure how much it really helps, but I’m sharing the result with you anyway!

Have you tried black-out poetry? Are you a pro at it? I would love to see some examples!

Check out what writer Christopher J. Luna does with this kind of poetry, plus cutting and pasting and collaging and generally making brilliant things with words!

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